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Compression Socks

Compression Socks
Compression Socks
SKU: 301370
Travel Socks are fast becoming your most important travel accessory and once your wear them for travel, you will soon discover the benefits of wearing them everyday for comfort and increased energy. Developed in Italy, the patented gradual compression design of TravelSox helps to stimulate blood flow and in turn reduces swelling in your legs and feet. Wear TravelSox® if you:
  • are confined to an airplane seat

  • are on your feet all day

  • suffer from circulation problems

  • are pregnant

  • are sightseeing

  • simply want to feel more energized.

  • TravelSox® are made with Coolmax and have 300% more elasticity than similar legwear. Travelsox® will keep your legs comfortable, energized and your feet dry. The "dress sock" look of TravelSox® will allow you to wear them everyday.
    Price: $29.99


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